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Surprise Agreement 

I don't often find myself on the same side of an issue as the Denver Post editorial board, but today I do. So I thought I'd point out their, . . .er . . . wisdom.

Rather than change the measurement system, why don't we change the education system?
Supporters of the bill will say they're doing exactly that by aligning standards from kindergarten through college.

It's an important and laudable goal, but it's not the monumental overhaul that's needed. . . .

Unfortunately, any plan that invovles more than bureaucratic nibbling around the edges is doomed for failure because it gouges too many sacred cows. Instead of considering ideas like year-round schooling, longer days, vouchers for low-income students and more school-level flexibility and autonomy, lawmakers and education officials merely tinker.

Ditto that, folks.

You KNOW an idea is lacking something when even the Post notices it.


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