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I'll Be There With Popcorn and A Digital Video Camera 

This just makes me giggle:

Glenn Spagnuolo says the name of his group "Re-Create '68" shouldn't cause people to brand it as a group on favor of using violent means to get society to its desired ends.

"What we want to recreate is an era when people got together to cause people to move their government in a certain direction," he said.

Monday he announced "Re-Create '68" has secured a permit to use the State Capitol grounds on the eve of the DNC. The group had sought Civic Center Park but lost out to the host committee during a recent lottery.

The group expects as many as 50,000 people to take part in the protests.

If you don't want the branding, senor, then why invoke the '68 Convention in your name? There were protests at every other convention, but '68 was notable for its violence--why invoke it at all?

The fact of the matter is that, no matter how much we think the country as a whole has gone off the rails during this election cycle, there will always be groups that come out in what they percieve to be a friendly environment, who are WAY out in left field when the Democrats come to town.

And the more I can do to point them out, the happier I think I'll be.

Since we all know the "professional journalists" won't touch them.

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