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Your State Legislature Spending Your Money 

According to the Journal of the House, here's the title of Bill 1370:

Concerning increasing the level of services provided by
school counselors to students in public secondary schools,
and, in connection therewith, creating the counselor corps
grant program and making an appropriation

On the other hand, here's how the Rocky Mountain News blog describes the Bill:

House takes final vote on a bill to add 70 new academic counselors to grade schools across Colorado.

I suppose if you work hard enough, they're the same thing--if you speak "Legislative-ese."

Whatever the case, the bill passed 42-22 along largely party lines.

So now there will be 70 new academic counselors for grade schools. Great. One question:

What for?

It's not as if students in elementary schools have class choices to make. And it's pretty tough to make the case that an 11-year old needs "counseling" to decide their future.

So what are these jobs? Probably just a nother way to get 70 more union members and voters in the schools--funded by the state, not local government.

Gee, thanks.

For the record, my local Reps Gagliardi, Benefield, and Jahn all voted yes.

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