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A Source Of Light 

Actually, two Sources of Light, both of which have been extinguished.

Colorado gathered Saturday to honor two heroes and to remember them as men with flesh-and-blood lives. . . .

Fire Chief Terry DeVore and firefighter John Schwartz died Tuesday protecting their southern Colorado community, battling a blaze that destroyed at least 24 homes and prompted the evacuation of 1,200. . . .

DeVore and Schwartz died when a truck they were driving to fight the blaze plunged 15 feet into a wall of fire after a bridge collapsed.

There is some strange quirk of character that grows in some men (and women) that makes them run towards a fire. DeVore and Schwartz were such men.

Hopefully these two men's names will be permanently plastered in the minds and hearts of the men and women of Ordway, CO. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and friends.

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