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A Source of Light 

It is somewhat the nature of blogs, and in particular of conservative blogs, to spend most of our time and energies snarking at the media, at politicians, and at anybody else that gets on our radar. It is, to be simple, the path of least resistance, as SO much of what the media and politicians do is either worthy of correction, scorn or mockery.

But, while that is ocassionally a very useful service (as with RatherGate), it very rarely does much to improve the world around us, to make it more comfortable or enjoyable, or to bring a little light into the world.

SO . . .

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that "shining a light" would have implications for this blog. Tonight, I unveil what I hope to be a at-least-once-a-week feature which I'm calling "A Source of Light." I will use it to bring to your attention someone or some organization that is making a positive difference in the world.

I hope you enjoy.


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