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Senator Obama, Your Teflon Is Starting To Flake Off 

You know things are getting bad when your loudest apologists say this about your debate performance:

And the strange thing is not that he was knocked back on his heels - although he was, repeatedly.

The strange thing is that, somehow, he never seemed to see a single punch coming. He was stunned - maybe out on his feet. That's the best explanation I can come up with. . . .

The thing about a debate that's different from a fight is that no matter how bloody it gets, nobody wants to stop it. And the best thing you can say about Obama's performance is at least he never said, "No mas."

First of all, it's about damn time a member of the media actually pressed Obama on stuff like this. Hats off to George Stephanopoulis and Charlie Gibson.

Second of all, as my brother so aptly puts it,

given your razor-thin record of accomplishment, I think that knowing about the people you choose to hang out with is pretty important.

Dad used to preach "you are known by the company you keep" and "actions speak louder than words." So when the company you keep is Wright/Rezko/Ayers/Mrs, and your actions are missing in action, then that is how we know you, Senator.

The left has been very willing to forgive a great deal from Senator Obama--nothing has stuck to this guy. But, as any cook knows, when you heat, and then clean, and then heat a teflon pan over and over, eventually the teflon starts to flake off. What you're left with is a big hunk of pretty useless metal.

"Pan" Obama may have enough coating to survive the primary battle with the mother of all "heat sources", but the "Independents" who are going to eventually elect the next President are never going to flock to him as his worldview begins to become more obvious.

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