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Senator Obama: You Are Not Credible 

"the man I saw yesterday was not the man I knew for 20 years."

Not buying it, Senator. Rev. Wright started uttering these sort of pronouncements in 2001--and those are just the ones that made it onto the TV. So, for at least the last seven years, this man has been spewing hatred and disdain for the country which makes it possible for him to do such things.

Has Obama not been to church for seven years? Did none of his parishoner friends mention to him what their pastor said?

This is a man that Obama described as "a close friend", a "spiritual mentor"--did he really not understand his theology?

I suppose we are forced to conclude that, in matters of friendship and judgement, Senator Obama has a disturbing ability to suspend any objective assessment of the people in his life. Which, in the case of your buddies and your family, is a good--even an endearing--thing.

But in the case of the Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. Military, such an ability is disturbing, frightening, and . . .


Not that Obama had all that many great credentials to begin with, but surely this revelation of how poor his personal judgement is is enough to end his candidacy.

Oh . . .but wait . . . Obama is a Democrat, and that means never having to say "sorry".

I suspect he will survive this kerfuffle--albeit damaged--and continue on to the Democratic nomination. But I also think the only reason he came out today and denounced Rev. Wright is that there's polling data in his campaign that shows the he's hemorrhaging votes in the middle.

And that's John McCain's wheelhouse.

Today's move had nothing to do with next week, or even August. Today had everything to do with November, and the hopes that he could prevent John McCain from winning 45 states.

It will be interesting to watch the polls over the next few days to see how they shift.

By the way, speaking of polls, yesterday's poll that has Clinton ahead of McCain by 9 pts? Ignore it. "Survey of all adults" is vastly skewed to the left, as opposed to "likely voters." No reason to get excited right now.

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