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Reasons for Cautious Optimism 

[Note: this post was begun 24 hours before Hillary won her Pennsylvania primary by 10 points; sometimes, events just coincide with thought processes.]

I have been critical of the efforts of the political Right and the Republican Party to get its message out, to get organized, and to counter some of the more successful efforts of the Left. I believe the word I've used before is "bumfuzzled."

Well, I'm happy to say, that may be changing a bit.

Start with this weekend's Samsphere, an event sponsored by the Sam Adams Alliance (Brewer, Blogger, Patriot . . .) in downtown Denver. The purpose of the Samsphere was several-fold, but primary among them was the encouragement, mentoring and nurturing of new bloggers with a Conservative bent. This is envisioned as a potential Right-leaning counter to the MoveOns and the ProgressNows of the world. AND, it might even have a little bit of money to back it up. What a good thing. For more on Samsphere, check out Ben's take on the events.

Secondly, though I can't share specifics, I have been informed that there is a developing network of financial resources working to counter some of the money on the Left. Of course, we can never compete with George Soros, but it's possible that we can get into the game enough that our actual ideas will get out there. And when our ideas get out there, we tend to win.

Third, we on the Right have one massive, unassailable advantage on our side: our opponents are Democrats. As evidenced by tonight's Pennsylvania primary, Hillary and Barack seem destined to bring their squabbling all the way to Denver. The longer it goes, the more they have to try to win the votes of the Left, which will make the entire rest of the political spectrum shun them, as they did John Kerry and Al Gore before. Besides which, an ugly convention in Denver means pretty good things here in Colorado.

I'm not saying that this is a done deal, or that I think Republicans can walk through the elections; I'm just saying that I think we're actually in the game. And that's something I was very doubtful of six months ago.

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