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Presidential Speculation 

I have been devoting a little bit of RAM the last couple of days to the question of "Why doesn't Hillary graciously concede?"

Now, understand, I don't have a lot of RAM to begin with, and of that, I have very little to spare. So any thoughts on this matter are in that particular context.

My first thought was that she is simply THAT power-hungry and ambitious, and, like Al Gore, refuses to accept that mathematics of her situation. Such thinking is widespread, including from the likes of my brother.

My second thought is that she is simply staying close by, in case the Mrs. and the Preacher and the Rezko ultimately team up to derail him. Unfortunately for her, Obama seems remarkably impervious to such controversies, in a way we haven't seen since . . . well . . . Mr. Clinton.

And that got me thinking. If McCain gets the nod and becomes President, he's a perfect candidate for a single term, given his age and health record. And, certainly, she cares enough about her political future to know better than to go scorched earth at this point--there could be a lot of promise in another run in four years. So why not bow out now when she could curry a lot of good will among the party faithful? Unless . . .

Unless she has some information in hand that doesn't want to use, or at least, hasn't yet used, that would drive Obama out of the race. The Clintons have never been above the political "crotch shot," so you know she'd use it if she needed to. She must be thinking that she can make it a good enough race after Pennsylvania to justify taking it to the convention, where she and Bill will be able to "buy" the nomination. And if that plan fails, then and ONLY then would she go for the knockout punch.

Otherwise, it doesn't make sense for her to keep holding on to this foolish hope. Especially when she continues to make bad mistakes like the false recollection of sniper fire in Bosnia and her aide's meeting with the Columbian ambassador in contradiction to her public position and her astonishingly self-centered charitable givings.

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