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Opening Day List 

Top Five Baseball Movies:

1. The Natural--for one thing, Robert Redford actually IS an athlete, and looks like it during the baseball footage; for another thing, this one sort of defined the genre

2. The Rookie--this one goes high on the list because, as a middle-aged father with old baseball dreams, it hits really close to home; besides that, the depiction of the sacrifice involved in chasing that dream rings true, and there are no less than three bona fide tear-jerker moments

3. Field of Dreams--"Hey, Dad. . . .you want to have a catch?" One bona fide MAJOR tear-jerker moment, and a lot of very good humor spread throughout

4. Bull Durham--so many great baseball lines, and the portrayal of a clubhouse atmosphere and the cameraderie of guys is right on

5. *61--the HBO movie; great stuff, as we've come to expect from HBO

I know there are those out there going "what about 'For Love of the Game'" Doesn't count . . . at its core, that's a pretty good love story that can only be understood by baseball lovers. Neither does "A League of Their Own", for different reasons.

There will be disagreements, especially from people who know the older movies. Oh, well--add 'em to the list--I always need new movies to watch!

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