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Obama--Phone Home: The Worm Is Turning 

Here's the amazing headline from the New York Times:

Obama’s Support Softens in Poll, Suggesting a Peak Has Passed

Ruh-roh, Raggy! When your number one constituency--the press--starts to turn on you, it's not a good thing. It doesn't really matter what the actual numbers are or the real stuff in the poll turn out to be--the headline does the work.

Maybe the "professional journalists" have actually started looking at this guy and his record. After the wife, the Reverend, and the Rezko, perhaps its dawning on people that this guy is NOT ready for this just yet.

Oh . . . you mean you want the actual numbers? Okay.

:Obama favorability: 62%, down from 69% a month ago
:Primary matchup: Obama 46%, Clinton 43%, down from 53-38
:General matchup: Obama 47%, McCain 42%, down from 50-38
:Men: Obama 47%, Clinton 42%, down from 67-28

His numbers are taking a similar dive with whites, under 45, and those who make over $50k.

Those don't sound like good things going into the Fall.

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