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Joshua Sharf For District 6 

One of our own, Joshua Sharf, who has been blogging at View From A Height for several years now, has entered the fray, and put his name in to get onto the primary ballot in the State District 6 GOP race.

His reason, to his credit, is not out of love of power or the desire to attain glory and fame (not that a state house seat can do that), but out of dissatisfaction with the other candidate, a lady named Rima Barakat Sinclair.

Why would Joshua be dissatisfied with her candidacy? Vincent Carroll nailed it today:

Rima Barakat Sinclair, her campaign Web site assures us, "continues to work for better understanding among peoples of different backgrounds" and "has regularly participated in interfaith dialogue." No doubt this enduring interest in "understanding" and "dialogue" is what prompted this Republican candidate for House District 6 in Denver to craft the following words two years ago regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

"Soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces have murdered children for throwing stones at army tanks. Israeli soldiers have claimed that the children represented a 'security' threat to them. . . . The systematic indiscriminate murder of civilians and the illegal collective imprisonment of a whole nation have been slowly suffocating the life out of the Palestinians. The brutal act of imprisoning 1.4 million people in an attempt to bring a whole nation to its knees is evidence of depraved Israeli policy. The sadistic conduct of preventing medical help from reaching the injured while Israeli soldiers watch is in violation of laws of man and of God."

We endorse Joshua whole-heartedly in this race. It's also quite refreshing that he jumped into this race for reasons other than self-promotion. Over the course of the last four years, he's proven to be a knowledgable, articulate promoter of conservative ideas. Help him get onto the ballot by signing a petition if you come across it, and then vote for him when the primary rolls around.

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