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Happy Tax Day 

If you hated doing your taxes this year, imagine doing them next year--when the end result will be about $1800 worse than this year . . .

If Obama or Hillary get elected.

If you want to save yourself some of the trouble next year, vote for McCain. He has an interesting idea:

Finally, McCain offered an intriguing suggestion - perfectly timed for April 15 - that should have widespread appeal. He would give every American the option to bypass the convoluted Internal Revenue Code and instead file taxes under a dramatically simpler system.

At tax time, individuals who wanted to avoid the mind-numbing complexity of Form 1040 could file using a tax code with a generous standard deduction and only two rates. No other exemptions. Should this option become popular - and granted, many of us do love our deductions - it might further discredit the 67,000-page federal tax code.

Personally, I like--I depend on--my mortgage deduction. But if it'll save ten hours of preparation and lots and lots of stress, I'll take it.

At any rate, let's just say the choice is fairly stark in the Fall, based simply on tax policy.

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