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Can We Get A "Do-Over"? 

My friend, the Captain, pointed something out to me today after listening to Jeremiah Wright: He has pretty much guaranteed that Barack Obama is unelectable.

Hillary's personality pretty much guarantees that she's unelectable.

And John McCain's inability to connect with Republicans pretty much guarantees that he's unelectable.

So, now what? Like I said, can we get a do-over?

Those on the Left are waiting for Al Gore to ride to the rescue; those on the Right are waiting for Newt.

And the people in the middle are going "we're screwed."

Sounds like a great year for a third party. Except that third parties can't get elected.

As much fun and interest as this whole year has held, it has managed to point out that the way we elect Presidents in this country has serious deficiencies, some of which are not recoverable.

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