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Thank You, Hillary 

In her desperation, Hillary has run the one ad that John McCain should have run in the Fall campaign, but probably wouldn't have been able to.

It’s 3 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep. Who do you want answering the phone?”

The media was already likening this ad to the Goldwater playground ad from '64 and the Reagan "Bear" ad for its incendiary nature. The beauty part is that this ad was from a Democrat against Obama. Which means that, while it probably won't earn her many votes in Tuesday's primaries, that very ad is on the airwaves where Independents and Republicans are watching it, answering the question for themselves.

And, I suspect, their answers are a wee bit different than the ad would like them to be.

John McCain could never get away with running this ad himself. What's more, John McCain probably WOULD never run this ad--while he's very comfortable going after Mitt Romney and other Republicans on military credentials, he's much more likely to be colleagial with a Democratic opponent.

So, in the end, Hillary has done for voters something vitally important that was highly unlikely to happen otherwise. Way to go, Hill. Desparation becomes you.

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