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One More Thought On Jeremiah Wright 

I was reminded again at church service this morning that we are called on to be "a light in the world."

This is where Rev Wright fails most egregiously. His rantings do NOTHING to bring light into the world; in fact, if anything, they spread a blanket of darkness on whatever hopes may have been growing in the minds of young members of his parish.

And in failing to denounce it as such, Sen. Obama becomes a creature of darkness, himself. Which is a horrible failing for one who is striving to be "Hope and Change"--in effect, light.

The Light and the Dark cannot co-exist in the same space; when Obama does not refute Wright, he willingly sacrifices his message to the hate speech Wright peddles to a desperate congregation.

Add a little violence, and it is not at all unlike the message delivered in madrassas all over the world every day.

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