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Obama: We're Starting To See A Pattern Here 

I am not, generally speaking, a big believer in "guilt by association." I think we all have friends and associates of whom we are not always treendously proud. Just ask my wife--she'll list several of my friends in that category.

The thing is, there seems to be a bit of a trend with Sen. Obama:

:his wife, who has, apparently, never been proud of her country until the last six months, even though she somehow managed to claw her way up through Yale and Harvard Law (or something like that) and a nearly-$1 million earned income last year, and even though in her lifetime this country created the pressure that ende apartheid in South Africa, ended the tyranny of communism throughout Eastern Europe, and freed an ally--Kuwait--from the invasion of a megalomaniacal dictator.

:his closest business associate and campaign supporter, the infamous Rezko, who is now under indictment for a variety of financial misdealings, some which may have involved the Senator.

:his twenty-year pastor and "spiritual advisor", Rev. Wright, who believes G#*damn, America, that 9-11 was just "chickens coming home to roost," and thinks Hillary is unqualified because she's never been "A poor black man growing up in a country run by rich white folks." As if she can control that.

These are three people in the Senator's inner-inner circle who have various degrees of criminal and/or anti-American beliefs that they seem unabashed to express. That's a pattern, and, to some degree, you MUST be judged by the company you keep.

But, more importantly, for the candidate whose entire schtick is "a different way" and "hope" and "change", he seems to have been remarkably unsuccessful at influencing those closest to him to walk the walk of the message he's selling. If "hope" were really the big thing, then his wife would have been able to recognize that this country has actually been fairly good to her, his spiritual advisor would stop carrying around the baggage of his ancestors and see that there are opportunities for the "poor black man" who works hard and stays on track; and if "a different way" were a good thing, his closest business associate wouldn't stink of back-room Chicago politics.

So, Senator, how are we to evaluate your message in light of the recent revelations about your closest associates?

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