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Improbable Story Line? 

Imagine this: an established figure in the Democratic Party in a primary battle with an attractive, eloquent upstart; that battle, improbably, goes all the way to a brokered convention.

In the meantime, a very senior member of the Republican Senate--who has a history of going against some of the core tenets of the Party--wraps up his primary battle early and starts o establish a presence in all fifty states for the Fall campaign. Early appraisals look like it could be a 45-50 state victory. Knowing the importance of keeping the base, the candidate chooses a young ,attractive, unimpeachably conservative southern governor for his running mate.

You think this primary season is too improbable to believe? Has the word "inconceivable" been uttered by enough pundits yet?

Then give a shout out to the prescient powers of Tommy Schlamme and the other powers-that-be in charge of season 7 of "The West Wing." This is almost exactly the scenario they built that season around, right down to the running mate (wonder why Mark Sanford's name is part of the discourse now?)

Oh, and, if you were wondering how it ended . . . The Republican was headed for a 5-8 point victory, until with three weeks left an "Act of God" (a meltdown at a nuclear plant) throws the whole campaign on its head. In the end the Democrat won.

It was "The West Wing," after all.

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