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Reports of God's Death A Bit . . . Premature 

The Pew Center has released its latest look into the religious behavior of Americans. The results are rather interesting. Among the most interesting findings:

--78.4% of all Americans report that they are Christian; another 4.6% belong to other traditions;

--16.1% report no particular religious affiliation; but, of those, only 1.6% claim atheism as their "religious affiliation"

--in the key battleground states (thinking politically for a moment) of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, Evangelical Christians (the most reliable Republican vote) make up either the same percentage or a smaller percentage of the population than the national average

--however, nationally, Evangelical Christians are the largest single group, representing 26% of all Americans

By and large, Americans are clearly still a religious people, predominantly a Christian people. Thirty years of ACLU ascendancy can't change that, no matter how hard they try.

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