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Patriots, In a Walk 

On to the more important stuff . . . .

I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow's Super Bowl--for really the first time since the Broncos were in the Bowl I actually care about the game. That's probably just because I appreciate the history of the possibility of the Patriots completing a perfect season, but whatever the case, I think this will be a fun game.

From what I've seen of the two teams this year, and in particularly over the past two weeks, I would simply say that the Patriots act like professionals. That's not a personality assessment, mind you--that's just looking at how they go about their business. There is something unflappable, unexcitable and altogether heartless about how they've plowed through the NFL this year that makes it easy to picture them doing the exact same thing tomorrow. The Giants, on the other hand, are a great story over the past two months, but they've shown the capacity to do and say stupid things. In a battle with a professional, that'll get you killed.

No defense, fun to watch--Patriots 44, Giants 31.

P.S. if I end up being pretty close to right on this prediction--unlike ALL of my political predictions lately--this blog will probably quickly transform into a sports blog.

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