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Hillary's Last Stand 

Seems to have done about as well for her as George Custer's, if the punditry at The Corner is on the money.

So, let's work from the assumption that Obama is going to be the nominee. As painful and as ridiculous as it sounds, Obama will be the Democratic nominee.

So we have a vastly experienced Republican with a war hero's resume and a lifetime in the public eye pitted against a young, eloquent Democrat with next to no experience and no history worth mentioning.

Advantage, Republican, right?

Not so much.

Real Clear Politics has the McCain/Obama head to head at Obama +3.2%. Sure, it's early and its meaningless.

But on March 1, 2004 Bush and Kerry were even in the RCP average; then again on April 1.

I'm just sayin' . . . .

Watching Obama dismantle Hillary Clinton over the last few months should guarantee that nobody takes him lightly.

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