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Colorado Democrats Invite Voter Fraud 

So, in case you haven't heard the news lately, the Colorado Secretary of State has de-certified all of the electronic voting machines in the state . . . because they are not secure or credible.

So, you would think that our legislators--those who are tasked with protecting our democracy--would then start taking steps to assure the election is accurate and authentic.

You would think wrong. At least, as far as the Democrats go.

Despite renewed calls by the public to secure the state's elections, majority Democrats on a House committee shut down a proposal Thursday to require proof of citizenship for those seeking to vote.

On a party-line vote, the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs committee killed the Republican-authored House Bill 1177, which would have required people registering to vote to show one of several commonly held forms of identification to prove citizenship. . . .

Disappointing. Not in the least bit surprising, of course. But disappointing.

Makes me wonder if the state GOP will have the wherewithal to make use of this in the elections.

The only thing that's more disappointing is that I have yet to see this story in the newspaper or on the evening news.

Not in the least bit surprising, of course. But disappointing.

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