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Three Questions I'd Like Asked of John McCain Tonight 

But which I am not holding my breath waiting for a "professional journalist" to ask.

:Senator McCain--in Colorado, the Democrat Party has fewer registered voters than either the Republicans or the Unaffiliateds; yet, the Governor is a Democrat, one of two Senators is a Democrat, 4 of 7 Congressmen are Democrats, and the state legislature is 60% Democrat. Part of this is because in 2004 a trio of wealthy liberals sank $2 million into the election; in 2006, that same trio spent $7 million; and last week the Rocky Mountain News reported an internal memo involving two of those people revealing plans to spend about $12 million, including almost $2 million to smear the Republican Senate candidate before he is even nominated. Given the almost breathtaking failure of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act to take money out of politics, and given that you pushed BCRA through against opposition from mostly Republicans, and given that the primary victims of the disparities created by BCRA are your fellow Republicans, how can you convince Republicans that your jud gement in relation to matters judicial and Constitutional are sound and in their best interest?

:Senator McCain--in what substantive way do you differ from Hillary Clinton in the treatment of captured terrorists?

:Senator McCain--if the Senate approves the Law of the Sea Treaty and sends it to your desk, would you sign it or veto it, and why?

Again, not holding my breath.

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