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Prediction Time 

Well, since we all have re-learned just how bad I really am at making predictions, so let's take all of this with a grain . . . er, granary . . . of salt.

On the Democratic side:

Obama 48%
Hillary 29%
Edwards 18%
Richardson 4%

I think there is no slowing the Obama juggernaut at this point, unless he does it himself with some massive blunder. At this point, I think he's even inocculated against the Clinton machine because he's claimed the mantle of "different politics"--she throws the haymaker and he says "there she goes again", and it's over. Not to mention the crying thing does NOT play well (notice how the press has already decided to spin this as "cracking under pressure"?) and--if you buy the mythology--Dixville Notch shut her out. The GOP had better get ready for this guy.

On the Republican side:

McCain 36%
Romney 27%
Huckabee 14%
Giuliani 7%

McCain can continue to ride his momentum through this one, and I expect just enough independents will come out to play on the Republican side that McCain will overwhelm Romney. Huck will get a decent showing, and he won't be dead, but Giuliani may not recover from another body blow.

Three primaries/caucuses, three different winners, and a completely schizophrenic Republican process.


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