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Must We Suffer Fools? 

After days of wrangling and demands, it only took 25 seconds for anti-tax crusader Douglas Bruce to let House Speaker Andrew Romanoff give him the oath of office before friends and a few fellow lawmakers.

The swearing-in to a near-empty chamber just after 1:30 p.m. followed a wild morning during which Bruce had kicked a Rocky photographer during the House morning prayer and later faced a 22-1 vote by the Republican Caucus to push for replacement of the appointed representative if he didn't take the oath by day's end.

Hats off to the Republican caucus and leader Mike May for forcing Bruce to stop playing the prima donna and sit down. With any luck, he'll take the hint and stay quietly in his seat for several weeks to come.

Seriously? We couldn't find anybody in the Colorado Springs Republican Party to take this seat? Our bench is, indeed, short.

That's a discussion for many other days.

The Colorado Index takes a successful pass at spoofing this whole thing, appropriately calling it a "circus."

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