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McCain, Feeling the Heat, Resorts to Lying 

We've all been witness in the last several years to the sort pof self-aggrandizing, self-righteous way John McCain treats Republicans. If I could play amateur psychiatrist for a moment, I'd say he's never gotten over being rejected by Republicans in 2000, and has carried around a sense of betrayal and bitterness ever since.

In particular, I think McCain - Feingold demonstrates that his greatest comtempt is reserved for rich doners and the people they affiliate themselves with--like uber-rich self-financed candidates like the one that beat him in 2000.

And like Mitt Romney.

Today, that bitterness took a nasty, public turn, as the candidate and the campaign both accused Mitt Romney of joining with Democrats in calling for a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. But, as Mark Levin has chronicled, Romney never said any such thing. To extrapolate from Romney's comments about accountability and progress a broad policy idea like surrender is a gross mischaracterization, one that I would describe as dishonorable.

This is the temperament of candidate McCain, in a post-Nixon era in which he would either be going up against the most professional political machine in modern history, or against the sinniest, most positive candidate in recent memory should McCain get the nomination. Republicans can ill-afford to have this person be their spokesperson for the next nine months.

His personal heroism is compelling and lauditory; his history of service is commendable; but John McCain's megalomaniacal sense of nomination entitlement is profoundly disturbing, and could swiftly metastasize into disastrous. I hope Republicans can coalesce behind either Romney or Giuliani.

And soon.

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