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Geez, I'm Bad At This 

I was just a little bit off on my prognostications from last night. Key facts:

:Romney won the state overall by 9 points (39-30); this is bigger than McCain's margin in New Hampshire (5 points) and the same as Huckabee's in Iowa.
:Romney won conservatives 41%-23%
:Romney won among Republicans 41%-27%
:McCain won among Democrats, pro-abortionists, non-church goers, and war opponents (THERE'S your reality check)
:and Hillary Clinton could only muster 55% in an uncontested race

The most important issue for voters in Michigan: the economy. That's a theme that will play very nicely going forward into the new year, dontcha think?

Now, of course, whether this has any significance going forward is anybody's guess--there's been nothing resembling momentum in any aspect of this race yet.

But, for at least one night, the Republicans in Michigan have sent a message.

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