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Florida Prediction 

Maybe I'm just too used to--after the last two elections--NOT getting my way in an election.

There's something about tomorrow's Florida primary that makes me worried. There's a very large military population in Florida, and many of them are overseas; which means that they probably cast their ballots before the last few days, when Romney seems to be surging a bit; knowing a few military types, I know for sure that they don't ever vote en masse, but if they didn't have the "advantage" of being in the states for the campaign, then maybe they went to more of a fallback position when they cast their absentee ballots. I'm imagining that that particular dynamic favors either Rudy--who had a huge cache of goodwill early on and who campaigned hard in Florida all along-- or it favors McCain, whose record of personal heroism is naturally endearing to the military.

By the way, third place or below means near death and very limited play from here on out.

So here goes . . .

McCain 32%
Romney 30%
Huckabee 14%
Giuliani 13%

This isn't what I want to happen . . . .it's just what I THINK will happen.

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