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The Comedy Stylings of Ed Perlmutter 

Every once in a while I get a full-color, glossy mailing from the office of Ed Perlmutter (D-CO7). Invariably, these are a source of great amusement to me. The one I received over the weekend is no different.

When I first came to Congress, I presented you my Agenda for Change that included cracking down on predatory lenders, investing in renewable energy and pushing for stem cell research, just to name a few. As we come to the close of my first year in Congress, here's some of the progress we've made.

[cue laughtrack]
Okay, so THAT was his agenda for change? That flies a bit in the face of what actually got him elected. And that, of course, was ENDING THE WAR in Iraq.

He, Nancy Pelosi, and the others all failed miserably at that. So what is he touting? Correcting the chaos in the home lending markets (hardly a brilliant or exclusively Democratic effort), investing in renewable energy (but NOT getting anything going that might make us less energy dependent TODAY--like drilling the Roan or ANWAR), and a big ATTABOY! for getting the government to invest heavily in a technology that was obsolete before the ink was dry on the dollar bills created to pay for it.

What else is he talking about?

A Champion for Fiscal Responsibility: Middle class families will benefit from Ed's support for pay-as-you-go legislation, so that our families don't bear the tax burden of out-of-control spending.

HA HA HA. This guy cracks me up.

Of course, in the meantime, middle class families will feel the added burden of Charlie Rangel's tax hike; and Pelosi et al. have pretty much abandoned pay-go just to get their goofiness going. And, of course, there's that 2% rating from the Club for Growth.

You want to relieve the tax burden of out-of-control spending? Stop the out-of-control spending. Every once in a while (maybe a little more frequently than once in a fifty) vote against a pork bill or something.

Just a thought.

Ed was instrumental in supporting the legislation that allowed Medicare to negotiate with Big Drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

Another ATTABOY there, Congressman.

By the way, where were you when the President added prescription drugs to Medicare? Oh, that's right--NOWHERE!


And yet, I still haven't heard a name for an opponent for this guy in the Fall.

There has got to be one decent candidate somewhere in the 7th district who can take the argument to this guy. But not knowing a name at this point means not having a fundraising effort in place means . . .

not being able to take the argument to this guy.

Ha Ha ha . . . guess the joke's on me.

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