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Theory vs. Practice 

Theory: Let's host Christmas this year, honey. We can just keep it simple.
Practice: only three hours of sleep since Dec 22nd while finishing getting the house ready to host Christmas

Theory: health care coverage for everybody, provided by the state
Practice: bad health care for everybody

Theory: if we're nicer to the world and solve the Palestinian issue, they will stop shooting at us
Practice: no administration in the past 50 years has been as engaged in Palestine as the previous one, and we have the USS Cole, the Khobar Towers, east Africa, and the planning for 9/11 to thank it for

Theory: the federal government can solve the issue of class disparity in America
Practice: only by taxing the rich out of existence, because there will always be some who can't--or don't--work their way into the middle class

Feel free to play along.

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