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:That Big Mouth May Get Him Into Trouble

Don't Mormons Believe That Jesus and the devil are brothers?"

That is the question Mike Huckabee will ask in an article in the Sunday New York Times magazine.

Umm . . . that seems to me the sort of thing that might not get you invited to too many parties in Utah. And it may have a little bit of an effect on the primary races.


Though, let's just watch how long the "professional journalists" take to pick this one up and run with it. For that matter, let's see if Harry Reid shows up on the Sunday talkies to explain his religion.

I'm not going to hold my breath. The "professional journalists" are going to run cover for this guy for as long as they can until he knocks Mitt Romney off the stage, and then they'll turn on him and hold their coronation for the Democrat at the end of the summer.

:A Little History Re-Write, Anyone?

Is it just me, or does the movie about how a "Congressman better known more for his antics than for his politics brought down the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War" strike anyone as a stretch? I've never heard of Charlie Wilson; I certainly think that, while fighting back in Afghanistan was important, it was far from the definitive push that ended the Soviets.

And, forgive me if I'm wrong, but haven't we decided that, in retrospect, arming the mujahideen had . . . troubling . . .side effects?

But then, a Mike Nichols movie written by Aaron Sorkin is bound to involve a little bit of false messaging.

In this case, its that it was actually a Democrat Congressman from Texas, not Ronald Reagan, who won the Cold War.

:Speaking of Movies

Thankfully, The Golden Compass did not do very well at the box office. While The Fellowship of the Rings brought in $47 million its first weekend, and The Chronicles of Narnia brought in $61 million, this anti-Christian, anti-CS Lewis work brought in a mere $26 million.


Archbishop Chaput has his own theory, and some further recommendations.

:Of the Shootings

I have held off commenting on this strange, sad episode until we knew a little bit more information.

What seems to be clear now is that this loser-who-died-a-coward's-death-and-shall-not-be-named was a severely troubled young man. It seems obvious--now--that he didn't belong in the missionary program to begin with, and the staff at YWAM are to be commended on their insight. It also seems like he is living proof of Hugh Hewitt's adage that "what gets rewarded gets repeated;" Harris and Klebold and VaTech were "rewarded" with notoriety--he repeated them.

Also clear is that EVERY single victim or near-victim who has been interviewed (that I've seen) has been remarkably clear-headed about their Lord's instruction to forgive; all-in-all, one of the finest moments for the Christian Church I've seen in a long time (so much more representative than those whack-jobs from Kansas who get all the press protesting veteran's funerals).

Also clear is that Jeanne Assam is one impressive woman, with one remarkable Faith. She said she's been praying for a sign from God about what direction to take her life--how about selling your story and writing a book about Faith and David and Goliath and accomplishing great things?

And, please remember to keep all the victims in your prayers in the days and weeks ahead. Everybody is in a lot of pain right now, but--speaking as a father--in particular keep in mind David Works. If I had been on the scene where my children were killed and could not save them--NO MATTER HOW IRRATIONAL--I would never be able to forgive myself. It's a dad thing (again, no matter how irrational that is). I just pray that he has family, friends, and a church community that can surround him with the love of God and bring him some measure of a peace beyond all reasoning.

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