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Quick Hits for Tonight 

I'm in the middle of a rather lengthy post on missed opportunities, so all I can get out tonight are some quick thoughts on a wide range of stuff.

:FOR THE RECORD, I think Ohio State-LSU is the right call for the BCS Championship. As much as I would have liked for Virginia Tech to get a shot at it, after the year they've had on that campus and in that town and the fact that they're about the only team in the Bowl Division that hasn't already blown a chance at holding on to number one, losing to LSU by 41 earlier in the year pretty much eliminated them from the whole thing.

:And for that matter, given that the Championship game is slated for the freakin' 7th of January (I remember when the Orange Bowl on the night of Jan 1 was the end . . .period . . finito), why couldn't they at least schedule two semi-final games for the 31st of December and let it play out right? So make the Rose Bowl and the Cotton Bowl the Semis, and let the winners slug it out ON THE FIELD on the 7th in the Sugar Bowl (or wherever).

:How about them BUFFS? All I can say is great! this allows them a couple extra weeks of practice this year so hopefully they can be worth a damn next year. But for two 6-6 teams to be playing in a December 30th bowl game means there are way too many bowl games being played.

:DO NOT GO SEE THE GOLDEN COMPASS THIS WEEK! The insipid nature of the anti-religious Left is always dangerous, especially to our children. Now, I don't advocate full boycots--actually, the film looks like there are some interesting elements. But Hollywood should get the same message about promoting atheism that it's been getting about being anti-military. So go see the movie in two or three weeks--just don't contribute to a "big opening."

:Mitt Romney is giving "The Speech" on Thursday. And, no matter what else comes out of it, he will have controlled the news cycle for a few days. Brilliant.

But much more on the politics of religion in aforementioned lengthy post later.

:The Broncos are finally, for all intents and purposes, done. Sheesh. You know it's getting hopeless when Shanahan sends instructions in for the QB to take a knee on the last play with the team behind. Wonder if that isn't a foreshadowing of the approach Shanahan takes going into the off-season . . .

:Iowa is sure getting interesting, eh? Hard to see how this is going to play out over the next month, but it sure is more fun that just watching a Hillary coronation.

More on just about all of these topics over at my brother's site.

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