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An Open Letter To Iowa Republicans 

In one weeks' time, you will be going to your local schools, rotary clubs, and churches to hold the first-in-the-country votes for the next President. And, given that I will have very little voice in the process of picking our party's nominee, I thought I would express a few thoughts to you who do have great influence in this process.

I believe it has been pleasant, for the last few months, to not worry too much about the world "out there"--Iraq has been getting better, so the news from overseas has been sparse. Therefore, it's been easy and comfortable to return our focus to "kitchen table" issues like health care and farm subsidies.

Unfortunately, we have been reminded today, with the events in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, that the world is still a very dangerous place, and that the same people who pulled off the 9/11 attacks are still capable of hideous crimes like the assassination of Ms. Bhutto. And yet, somehow, the last few chances you've had to see the candidates were almost completely lacking in serious discussion of the dangers we face around the world. While it is probably comforting to you to think that your towns and farm communities would be low on the target list for terrorists, your sons and daughters who put on the uniform will be face to face with this enemy--they deserve to have you give the implications of your vote serious consideration.

The enemy we face is ruthless, relentless, clever and maleable. The only way to combat him is to bring to bear every facet of the federal government on finding and ending him. The sort of leadership that would be able to marshall those resources must be one that is experienced, that understands the enemy, and that is clear-eyed about what needs to be done to protect the American people. I urge you to consider who fits that description best as you go to the polls next week.

I understand the temptation to get behind the Baptist Preacher--his eloquence and wit are refreshing and, I'm sure, a welcome change from the endless politicking you've been suffering through these many months. But it's difficult to say, given his public record, that he understands the enemy or what must be done to protect America. And the Senator is an admirable man who, unfortunately, seems pathologically unwilling to take the hard steps of getting intelligence out of terrorists we've captured.

What the country needs now is a leader who "gets" the danger, who has the experience to get the massive bureaucracy pointed towards his vision of the future, and who is also has the background to see the big picture and understand the many ways that we can influence the situation. There are two candidates who bring this list of credentials to the table next week.

It's all well and good to flirt with the preacher and the hero; but, in the end analysis, the seriousness of these recent events demand a next President cut from a more substantial cloth.

So I encourage you to remember, as you go to the caucuses next week, that Republicans are supposed to be the "serious party." But that supposition can only hold up if you who hold an inordinate amount of influence over the outcome of this election vote based on serious issues that effect all of us.



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