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If A Candidate Falls Down And Nobody Hears It . . . 

The last GOP debate before the Iowa caucuses was today, . . .

and 12 people watched it.

Actually, several people are saying that it was clear that Mitt Romney won the debate. Among them are Hugh Hewitt and Frank Luntz, who even has a focus group to back him up.

The problem with that is that the 4 o'clock news in Denver barely covered the debate, and the only candidate who got to talk for themselves on the news was Mike Huckabee; the debate didn't even make it onto the NBC evening News; and the debate also managed not to get covered by the 6 o'clock news in Denver.

So, does it really matter what happened to today? David Yepson gives the debate to Thompson--does his opinion carry more weight in Iowa? I don't know.

Guess we'll find out.

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