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The Government Is Not Santa Clause 

Here is the rough text of an ad I would run in the next six days in Iowa if I were the Romney campaign.

Hello. My name is Mitt Romney, and I approve this ad.

I hope you and yours have had a safe, blessed and pleasant holiday season. As I was sitting at the table with my wife and five sons, my thoughts turned to a beloved figure who we all think about a lot at this time of year.

That's right: Santa Clause.

Santa Clause is a wonderful man because he is able to do something for us that we rarely see in this day and age: he gives us something for nothing--except, of course, being nice.

The problem with that is that some of those running for President think the federal government should play the role of Santa Clause all year long. My Democratic opponents want to give health insurance to everybody through the government; my Democratic opponents want to give the United Nations control over American foreign policy;

even some of my Republican opponents have in the past chosen to support giving benefits of citizenship to those who are in the country illegally, or they want to give your money to other people to reduce income disparity.

But I've been in the real world--I haven't spent most of my life in Washington. I've run a company, built a new company, met a payroll, run the Olympics, and then run the great state of Massachussetts. And I can tell you very clearly: you can't get something for nothing from the federal government.

America works best when the federal government works to empower the American people to create for themselves. There is no limit to the greatness of the American people --time and time throughout history, we've risen to whatever challenge we are faced with.

And so we will continue to work together to solve the big problems this county .

But don't believe the tired old line that the government will do it for you. If you choose me to be your next President, I will apply the same problem-solving skills that I've used throughout my career to make sure that the government will create the conditions necessary for you to achieve your dreams--a secure America protected by a strong military, a strong, growth-oriented economy that will continue to create jobs and opportunities, and a system that encourages and reward strong families.

Hey, don't get me wrong: I like Santa a lot. But when it comes to taking care of your families and your futures, you don't need a jolly, fat federal bureaucracy "helping" you--you need a competent, well-run government that is based on sound conservative principles.

That's what I bring to the job. I hope you will support me on Caucus night.

Thank you.

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