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Yes, I Was One Of The Seven Americans . . . 

that watched the Democratic debate tonight.


Actually, I only watched about an hour of it--it would have been a lot less, but every time I flipped over to watch the Suns-Bulls game it was at commercial.

So here's a few impressions.

--If we can't beat these guys, we don't deserve to have power. Seriously, for the better part of the first half-hour, the only guy on stage who was making ANY sense was Joe Biden. Yes, THAT Joe Biden. And you know, when Joe Biden is leading any pack anywhere, the only thing that pack is going to produce is large, steaming piles of . . . well, you know.

--Does Bill Richardson ever say ANYTHING that makes any sense?

--I swear, every time Hillary says something about "slinging mud" it sounds like she's crying for help; which makes me wonder why so many of her "rivals" are willing to provide cover for her. Only Obama seems willing or capable of going toe-to-to with her. Pinky toes, that is. Kinda like how the contestants on "American Gladiator" used to go toe-to-toe with those giant q-tips.

--I had this brief image flash across my brain of a third-party ticket of Ron Paul and Denis Kucinich--the All-Five-Eight-And-Under League made up of extras from one of the later Star Trek series. The only thing the whole night that got a chuckle.

--Two policy statements that should become commercials: when pressed, not a single candidate managed to support the idea that bad teachers should be fired and good teachers should get pay raises; and not a single candidate managed to acknowledge the great work that Gen. Petraeus and the men and women are achieving.

What's truly frightening is that whoever of the six or seven people up on stage tonight becomes the Democratic nominee, they will get 46% of the vote. Not a single one is qualified, not a single one offers any great solutions, not a single one makes any sense at all.

And they will get 46%, regardless.

Sometimes I worry about this country.

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