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Things I'm Thankful For This Year 

--I'm Thankful that my infant child is sleeping through the night . . . . often.

--I'm Thankful that the Bewitching Mrs. BestDestiny continues to put up with my hobbies, habits, quirks, and foibles--maintaining this blog being but one of those.
--I'm Thankful that every night I get to walk around my house and look at the peaceful sleeping faces of the people I love, and know that their lives, while imperfect, are full of hope and opportunity.

--I'm Thankful that, despite how much I complain about my profession, I am still able to come home at the end of the day and put food on my table for my family and keep them warm as they sleep through the night. This is a good day to think of those who can't say as much; it's an even better day to do something for them. Let me suggest Operation Christmas Child as a starting point.

--I'm Thankful that Colorado finally has major league baseball--even though we got totally screwed in the post-season awards.

--I'm Thankful that my church is a great place for worship and fellowship; I'm even more Thankful that it's not considered a sin to miss church on Sunday (it's been a heckuva quarter for us).

--I'm Thankful that I grew up in a family complete with a mother and a father and brothers and sisters (actually, let's not kid ourselves, with six siblings, we were a little more than complete); I'm also Thankful that every one of them is still alive and going strong (though all in various states of "brain-dead" . . oh no, that's just me)

--I'm Thankful for new friends, partners and sparring partners.

--I'm Thankful for old friends and golfing buddies who continue to make me look bad on the course . . . but they get me to go out there once or twice, which I wouldn't do on my own.

--I'm Thankful for the power of the internet which has helped me get back in touch with old friends who would otherwise be nothing more than a memory.

--I'm Thankful for cranberry sauce. Seriously, I could make a whole meal out of the stuff and not bat an eye. And, for the record, the real stuff--not the can-shaped gelatin stuff.

--I'm Thankful that General Petraeus was right, and fewer Americans are dying because of it.

--I'm Thankful that I live in a country where I'm able to spout off every night on whatever strikes my fancy and not have to be afraid of the police coming to get me.

--I'm Thankful that I live in a country that, once upon a time, decided its values were so important that it would risk splitting asunder and spilling the blood of an entire generation to uphold and defend those values.

--I'm Thankful that there are millions of men and women of honor and courage who choose to take up arms to defend that country every day.

For these and many other blessings, I give thanks to Almighty God for His Wonderful Bounty, and pray that every one of you out here get to share in those Blessings.

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