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Sadly, My Other Representatives Embrace Defeat, As Well 

Part of the Iraq statement from Ed Perlmutter's website:

“I voted for this bill because it provides funding for our troops, but begins the mission of redeploying them home and to nearby bases in the region so we can refocus our efforts on the war on terrorism and protecting our homeland.

“It is past time to provide for our soldiers who were sent into battle without proper equipment or a clear mission. Now is the time to hold the Iraqi government accountable to meet benchmarks the president created. Now is the time to begin responsibly redeploying our troops.

I don't even know what all that means. He sure is dancing rhetorical circles to try to justify forcing surrender on our military. So far, the war on terrorism is being fought in the theater he wants us to quit, and protecting the homeland has, so far--SO FAR--been pretty well covered. And, honestly, Ed? Do you expect to provide for our soldiers by legislating their defeat? With friends like that . . .

And then there's this from Ken Salazar's website:

“For many months, I have been calling for a responsible change in mission in Iraq. I still believe that is our best course of action – it was the primary recommendation less one year ago of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group.

“We have not seen any meaningful political progress by the Iraqi government to bring about the long term reconciliation necessary to achieve stability in Iraq. As stated by both General Petraeus and Secretary Gates, there is no military solution to this war.

“Our soldiers have performed admirably in their duties, and they have accomplished their mission, but our commitment cannot be open-ended. We cannot give President Bush another blank check.

Did you catch that in there? Look again.

Go ahead--I'll wait.

Yep, Senator Salazar says that our soldiers have "accomplished their mission." That's quite an admission, don't you think.

Good thing his website isn't the deck of the USS Enterprise.

But then you have to wonder how he goes from congratulating the military for accomplishing its mission and then saying that our commitment is not open-ended.

I'm so proud to be represented by these guys.

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