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Ritter Pays Off By Fiat What He Chose Not To By Legislation 

Guv Backs State Unions, Angers GOP

First of all, you would think that that sort of a headline might accompany an article that features many quotes from an angered Republican.

You would be wrong.

The article features one--ONE--quote from a GOP-er, and that was a fairly reasonable statement from John Suthers.

But, to the meat:

Gov. Bill Ritter gave unions a stronger voice in state government Friday, nine months after angering them by vetoing a bill they wanted.

He did it quietly, however, issuing an executive order at 3 p.m., hoping that it will pre- empt a full debate on the topic once the legislature convenes in January.

First of all, COWARD!!! At least the News noted the timing and the motivation for that timing, to its credit.

But then, you would think that "vetoing a bill they wanted" might lead the News to do a little reporting on how the Guv's order differs from the legislation he vetoed.

You would be wrong.

Ritter has worked with union officials since then to craft what both have called a "partnership for the 21st century." He previously had said he did not know whether an employee partnership could be achieved without collective bargaining.

"This is not collective bargaining," he said Friday. "This is a partnership arrangement."

Just for a moment imagine what the headline would read if President Bush held meetings with members of an interest group to draft a policy position.

Oh, wait--you don't have to imagine, because all you have to do is go back to the headlines from when the Vice President met with energy executives. The hue-and-cry was a roar from the media.

This go-around? barely a whisper.

But the answer to the Guv's quote was priceless:

Joe Blake, president and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, disagreed.

"I have read this executive order, and I re-read it, and I think this is sort of a New Age version of collective bargaining," . . .

Not being a big fan of things New-Age, I think this is a great way to label this.

But it remains to be seen if any effective opposition can be raised to this.

However, it should become campaign fodder, and LOUD: no matter what they say, the Democrats will ALWAYS be beholden to their interest groups, and will ALWAYS have to find a way to pay them off.

It remains to be seen if the state GOP can campaign effectively, even when we have such easy targets.

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