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Protect Your Wallets--Ritter Only Wants ONE Tax Hike 

There's a line from a decent movie called The Peacemaker, goes something like this:

"I don't worry about the man who wants ten nuclear bombs; I'm terrified of the man who wants only one."

Keep that in mind as you read this article:

Gov. Bill Ritter said Thursday he may ask voters to approve a tax increase next year to pay for health care, transportation or higher education.

But he emphasized that while all three need extra funding, only one should wind up on the ballot. Colorado voters are too fiscally conservative to approve more than one tax increase at a time, he said.

Just one.

Never mind that he's already raised fees to the tune of millions; never mind that he's already raised property taxes by billions; never mind that Ref C--which swept him into office--is already double the size it was supposed to be.

He just wants one more tax hike.

. . . <wait for it> . . . THIS time.

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