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Faith? In The Democrats? 

For those who don't know me, I write that title tongue-in-cheek.

There are many Democrats that I know who are deeply religious, whose own Faith I would never question.

But, as a party, the Democrats have become too beholden to the secularists and the ACLU to make any effective claim to the Faith vote. But Howard Dean is trying to change this, and it started with the woman he chose to run the Democratic National Convention next year in Denver.

The Rocky Mountain News devoted several pages to Leah Daughtry, the Chairwoman of the DNC. And it made for very interesting reading.

It's no accident that Daughtry, a Pentecostal pastor, heads the team that will put on her party's biggest show in Denver next year and is the right-hand woman to Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean.

At 44, she's part of the drive to encourage Democrats to talk about religion - a tenet Dean says was wrested from them in 1994.

I encourage readers to read the whole article. It includes the usual social justice gospel, and is, of course, very flattering towards the ministry of Ms. Daughtry--as it should be, from what it sounds like.

But, if you were expecting any Huckabee/Romney-like "defend your Faith" type questions, you will be disappointed.

David Montero does not ask Ms. Daughtry any of the following questions:

:do you believe that only a believer in Jesus Christ can go to Heaven?

:do you believe that two persons of the same gender should be allowed the sacrament of Marriage?

:what are your views on premarital sex? do you think its a good idea to distribute condoms and abortion advice in the public schools?

:do you think cities and townships should be allowed to have displays that include Christian, Christmas symbols?

And it's not like I really think that sort of question SHOULD be asked.

But you know those questions would be asked of a Republican. And the reason they weren't asked of a Democrat is because the answers would alienate many in the atheist-ACLU-Freedom-From-Religion coalition that makes up a significant wing of the Democrat Party.

I trust that Ms. Daughtry's Faith is genuine, and I honor her ministry and recognize that members of her father's congregation did wonderful work when they went on a missions trip to Darfur--something more Conservatives--more AMERICANS--should do.

It's simply that all that outreach, all that talk of God, will come to nothing in the long run.

Because, as we've seen in Colorado in the last two days--THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A PAYOFF.

And, when push comes to shove, who would a President Hillary and a Democratic Congress have to pay off--religious Democrats who voted for them or the ACLU lawyers who gave them millions to get them elected on a secular agenda?

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