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Enter Ed Perlmutter, Comedian 

It always cracks me up to get glossy "public service" mailers from my Congressman--especially one as clueless as Ed Perlmutter.

Today, I get this shiny little flier called "An Eye On Your Future--Inside: Details on Congressman Ed Perlmutter's Plan to Protect Your Family's Finanacial Future"

No. Seriously.

But, even better, you know what he touts as his big agenda? Four things:
:Protecting our Famlies' Homes by stopping predatory lending
:Securing our students' funding by . . . well, this isn't even serious enough to write about
:Tax Relief for Colorado's middle class

Ha Ha Ha. Man, this guy is hilarious.

Actually, what he has here is the doubling of the child tax credit and an extension of the AMT. Of course, neither of these are actually "tax relief"--my tax rate is exactly the same as it was before Perlmutter saved me, but . . .

:Honoring Social Security's promise by making sure that the fund runs out of money right on schedule.

What a character, this guy. I wonder where he gets it--is it natural, or does he have speechwriters?

Of course, he dodges the issues that might actually effect my--and everyone else's-- financial well-being. While touting this "tax relief", he completely avoids mentioning Charlie Rangell's massive tax hike coming round the corner. He also avoids mentioning how irresponsible he is with our money. Luckily, The Club For Growth has done their work.

The Club for Growth has compiled a RePORK Card of all members' votes on all 50 anti-pork amendments (see below). . . .

105 congressmen scored an embarrassing 0%, voting against every single amendment. The Pork Hall of Shame includes 81 Democrats and 24 Republicans.

The Democratic Freshmen scored an abysmal average score of 2%. Their Republican counterparts scored an average score of 78%. . . . .

Perlmutter's score? A WHOPPING 2%. Yep--not just funny in a clueless sort of way, but determined to maintain the perks of office by voting to thwart almost every anti-pork amendment.

You wanna secure my financial future, Congressman? Secure your own House's fiscal issues. I'll trust you to look out for my money when you take care of what I already give you.

Oh, but my favorite part of the mailing?

This mailing was prepared, publised and mailed at taxpayer expense.

Stop. You're killing me.

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