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Well, This Came As A Surprise To ME 

Members set out to drive down the price tag after a consultant told them Thursday that their latest stab at health care reform would cover more than 85 percent of the state's 791,800 uninsured at a cost of at least $1.4 billion in new taxpayer dollars. [emphasis mine]

NO! Really?!?! Gov. Ritter's Blue-ribbon panel has a proposal that will cost the taxpayers more money--a LOT more money.

Imagine my surprise.

While you're considering that, also keep in mind this other shocker:

On arriving at the hospital the day prior to the operation, I went to the toilet. No soap or hand-wash. Spoke to nurse. Yes we know we will get some tomorrow when the cleaner is back!!!!! The patient in the next bed informed me he had said the same the day before. Basic hygiene. After the operation, excrement from a spill from a colostomy bag was left on the floor for 2 days until the next bed patient’s daughter brought in disinfectant to clean up.

THIS outrage brought to you by the socialized medicine of England. THIS is what Governor Ritter has in mind for you, Colorado! Sure . . . not at first. At first, it will be all shiny and new and work fabulously well and everybody will want to model on it.

But inevitably it will succumb to the atrophy that infects all government bureaucracies. Just like England's system has, just like every other socialized program in the world.

Coming soon to a publicly-funded hospital near you.

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