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Tancredo Stepping Down 

And that's probably for the best.--especially since the CO6 is about a safe a Republican seat as there is in the country.

I respect Rep. Tancredo for the work he's done on immigration, and he often speaks with clarity about issues that seem to bumfuzzle other Republicans.

But all too often he became the voice of extremism in a party that should be known for its logic and its reason. The word "firebrand" was invented for people like Tancredo, and it would be nice for the 6th District to be represented by somebody who has the ability to convince other people of his position. Unfortunately, I think Tancredo became a caricature too much.

So, thank you for your service, Rep. Tancredo; I hope you continue to speak out on issues that other Republicans trip on. If you could manage to leave a little bit of your backbone at the GOP caucus door on the way out, I think they could find some use for it.

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