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Oy, again.

And, again, for those of you who don't regularly watch the Rockies: that is why Brian Fuentes is no longer the closer for the Rockies.

It's not that he never gets any outs--his record over the last four weeks says otherwise. But, when he was the closer, this is what every ninth inning was like. That is, get an out, walk a guy, give up a dink hit--suddenly we're in trouble. Many times, he would strike a guy out and manage to get out of the situation. But, ocassionally, that didn't work out.

Tonight, with the Rockies finally breaking through and scoring a few runs, getting to within one run in the eighth, . . . it didn't work out.

Remember that the first run across was on base because of a walk.

And then remember that the Rockies are striking out at a rate of about ten per game during this series, and you see why it's 3-0 Sox.

I guess I may have to revise that "Rockies in Six" prediction.

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