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It's not just that they won.

It's how they won.

Arizona jumped out to a lead, but the Rocks didn't grip or fold under the glare of Brandon Webb. They get that run back right away, and then throw up three more the next time they get to bat.

Arizona jumped out to an early lead, but Jeff Francis didn't get tight, didn't start trying to overthrow anything. He kept his composure, induced three double plays, only walked one, and got a couple key strikouts to kill rallies.

It was the same formula as the last month--two-out hits and great baserunning to keep the pressure constantly up on the defense.

And not an errant throw to be seen from the best defensive baseball team in history.

I was worried about the four-day layoff, but I see I had no reason to. They played just as loose and with just as much joy as they have for the better part of four months.

Rockies in 5.

To face the Indians.

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