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The fun continues.

Actually, it is difficult to say anymore that this is mere fun. The improbable run to get to a playoff game was one thing; the 13th-inning comeback win over the Padres was the stuff of legend.

But now the Rockies have gone to one of the most hostile sports environments in America and taken two games from the Phillies. And not just typical Rockies-type games--the first was a pitcher's duel which the Rockies won; and in the second the Rockies out-slugged the Phillies after falling behind.

It's hard, at this point, to imagine a formula that the opposing manager could conjure up to beat this lineup. After a day off tomorrow, the bullpen will be rested; the designation of Jorge Julia to the disabled list pretty much shores up any weakness the bullpen has shown of late; and, out of the blue, the Rockies are suddenly a power-pitching team, managing to strike out about ten batters a game for the last week or so.

And all that is before you have to deal with our 2 through 7 hitters.

This has the same sort of feel as the Broncos run from wild card to Super Bowl Champions in 1998. We'll see how well the comparison holds up over the next week or so.

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