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Rockies SWEEP--On Their Way To NLCS 


Hey, look, East Coast media--there's a pretty good team here in the Mountain Twilight Zone!!

We'll beat you in your park in a pitcher's duel, we'll beat you in your park in a slugfest, . . .

And then, just to top things off, we'll come home to the so-called launching pad of Major League Baseball and hold the top offensive team in the National League to ONE RUN while yet another "who's that guy?" gets the game-winning RBI.

It's pretty tough at this point to make a case for anybody BUT Holliday for MVP and Tulowitzky for RotY. Not necessarily for anything they did in this series, or even tonight, but these guys were absolutely crucial to the success of this team which just swept the other MVP candidate's team (Jimmy Rollins) and which was in the playoffs--as opposed to the swoon of the other RotY candidate's team (Jason Braun).

Oh, and, by the way--we can pitch, too.

Look out, Diamondbacks. We took the season series from you . . . we took the closing weekend from you . . . we're not afraid.

Ever notice how when the home team is winning, everybody becomes a part of the team ("we"); when they're losing, nobody wants to be a part of it ("they").

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