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A Personal Note To My Fellow Republicans 

STOP IT!! Stop Eating Your Children!

I've done a lot of reading lately about how "disillusioned" the party's base is with the current crop of candidates; I've heard on the radio how "none of them represent me;" you see commentary on TV and elsewhere (including from prominent religious conservatives) about how certain Republicans would be as bad as any Democrat for their issue.

And I say that those people are really being myopic and self-destructive.

Yes, Rudy is a Pro-Choice Republican who has had a few wives in his life. To quote Dennis Miller, "So what if he's had three wives? That's still about fifteen less than the guys I want him to kill." And Rudy has committed to picking judges in the mold of Roberts and Alito. Even if you don't believe him all the way on that one, wouldn't you rather have Rudy picking a replacement for Justices Ginsberg and Stevens? Think about it--if you replace Ginsberg with a Kennedy, that's a far cry better than replacing Ginsberg with another Ginsberg. And make no mistake: Hillary, with a Democratic Senate, will pick a Ginsberg for EVERY open judgeship.

And, yes, Romney is a Mormon who has had a fairly late entrance into the ranks of the Pro-Life. He's also the only one up there who has a proven track record of MAKING MONEY, creating jobs, meeting a payroll, making money for other people, and then turning those skills loose on a massive government (Massachussetts) and a failing international event (the Olympics). So what if he's a Mormon? Mormons are just as much targets as us Christians and the Jews and everybody else for the Radical Islamists--I'm comfortable that this particular Mormon would have no qualms about returning the favor.

And Thompson has a mixed record in the Senate of both accomplishment and judgement (he did support McCain-Feingold). But the icon of the Republican "movement", Ronald Reagan, has a bit of a limited record of accomplishment, and he also showed lapses of judgement (Lebanon, the '86 amnesty). But he was able to do two things: stay focused on the things that really mattered, and, through his enormous communication skills, keep the country focused on the really big things. Fred has the skill set to do the very same thing.

I understand that none of the main candidates are perfect--I get that.

But the three I've mentioned have all shown the willingness to get in the ring and spar a little bit--sometimes amongst themselves or with the press, but all of them have their eyes on Hillary.

And that is what it's going to take if you want to keep Hillary out of the Oval Office.

So be disappointed, be disillusioned, wish for a Tom Tancredo ascendancy, whatever. But get over it in time. A third-party candidacy that "better represents you" almost certainly means kissing off all of the close Senate races--including Colorado. Which leaves Hillary a filibuster-proof Senate.

Picture Hillary's world: A Supreme Court with six Ginsbergs and Roberts, Alito and Thomas; a state department run in absentia by Bill; a military run by Wesley Clark; a national security team that includes Sandy Berger; and an economic team populated by disciples of George Soros.

And then get your head on straight and focus on what matters. Win the War; Cut the Taxes; Confirm Judges.

A spaghetti sauce that has too much pepper is still better than bread and water.

And Hillary wants to take all your water away, too.

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