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Not Content With Their Senatorial Smackdown . . . 

some on the Left have decided to up their attacks on the troops.

Petraeus is a Republican hack that somehow had other priorities in Grenada, Panama, Gulf War I, etc. Why does this matter and why am I going after him? During Operation Iraqi Enduring Freedom (OIEF), there have been issued 554 Bronze Stars with "V" devices, he has one of those and I say he hasn't earned it.

I hate giving any oxygen to these people, but it is very instructive to the rest of us to understand how much contempt these people have for those who serve their country with distinction (they love those who serve poorly and get bounced . . . ahem ahem), and how filed with hate they are for military success.

And, to answer the charge, I'm guessing, just maybe, that he earned that Bronze Star for the work he did in pacifying Fallujah before the "Big Army" rewarded him by shipping him to Leavenworth to teach the Army War College how to replicate his success (sadly, before the Army bothered to teach the other Generals in Iraq). Maybe, just maybe, that success was impressive enough to earn him that fourth star and put him in line to become the Commander-in-Theater. Maybe he earned it for overall strategic, tactical brilliance, rather than the sory of battlefield heroism we normally hear about inspiring these awards.

Oh, wait . . . in this War, we actually DON'T get to hear those stories.

And, by the way, I--and I think the vast majority of Americans--very much consider a General "one of the troops." So, naive, hateful, Lefty: your attack on Gen. Petraeus and continuing efforts to diminish the reputation of this career public servant are far worse and more insidious than the execrable attacks you perpetrated on the troops during and after Vietnam. Luckily, General Petraeus has better things to do than worry about your pathetic backstabbing.

He has a War to win.

How about you? Would you prefer an American loss? Would that assuage your sense of moral superiority?

Or do you just want to deny George Bush a victory? Are your political fortunes more important to you than the fortunes of your country? Do you really imagine that a forced surrender from Iraq would accomplish anything to make the mideast more stable or America any safer?

Sad how well we know the actual answer to all those questions.

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